Highest score in women’s T20 Cricket in the world

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The Highest score in women’s T20 cricket has seen incredible development, with players continually pushing limits to accomplish exceptional achievements. One such apex in the game is the quest for the most elevated individual score. 

This article digs into the authentic point of view, current record holders, affecting variables, critical matches, and the effect of high scores on Women’s T20 Cricket.

Women’s T20 Cricket is the coolest, quickest cricket match-up for young women.  It’s like baseball however with a level bat and wickets. 

To score runs, each team gets a chance to bat and hit the ball. The group that scores the most runs in 20 overs wins. It’s energizing because each ball matters.

Significance of Achieving the Highest Score

Here’s the reason getting the most elevated score is super magnificent:

  • It implies you did your best: You beat every other person and flaunted your astonishing abilities.
  • It causes you to feel pleased: You tried sincerely, and it paid off. You’re like a superhuman who made all the difference.
  • It encourages others to support you: Your companions, family, and instructors will be so glad for you.
  • It shows you can do hard things: Getting the most elevated score implies you didn’t surrender, in any event, when things got precarious.
  • It motivates you to continue to improve: You’ll want to keep working hard and setting new goals after you experience victory.

Overview of Top Performers

Here are a portion of the top entertainers who sparkled the most brilliantly:

All through the whole competition, Australia’s Tahlia McGrath scored the most runs and took the most wickets.

Beth Mooney from Australia similarly hit a lot of runs, helping her gathering win the colossal award.

Nahida Akter from Bangladesh was a super spinner, getting heaps of players out with her precarious bowling.

These players buckled down, rehearsed parts, and never surrendered. They’re a motivator for all of us.

Historical Perspective

 Evolution of Women’s T20 Cricket

Women’s T20 Cricket began little, then, at that point, became huge around the world. It turned out to be popular. We will discuss how it started and turned out to be the best. From the outset to now, Women’s T20 cricket is the coolest thing on the planet.

Milestones in Scoring Over the Years

By taking a gander at pivotal turning points in scoring, we perceive how the game improves and is more cutthroat. We look at special achievements that indicate how well players are doing. The game continues to develop, and everybody attempts to give their all. Everyone wants to be the fastest and score the most goals, like in a race.

Highest individual T20 score in women’s cricket

October 2023Lucia TaylorArgentina169Chile
October 2023Maria CastineirasArgentina155*Chile
October 2023Albertina GalanArgentina145*Chile
August 2023Rebecca BlakeRomania135*Malta
October 2023Hayley MatthewsAustralia132West Indies
March 2022Deepika RasangikaBahrain161*Saudi Arabia
March 2022Esha OzaUAE158*Bahrain
September 2021Fatuma KibasuTanzania127*Eswatini
July 2019Meg LanningAustralia133*England
October 2019Alyssa HealyAustralia148*Sri Lanka

Lucia Taylor (Argentina) – 169 against Chile

On October 13, 2023, in Buenos Aires, Lucia Taylor scored 169 runs against Chile with 27 fours in just 84 balls. The record innings assisted Argentina with putting on 427/1 in their 20 overs, the most noteworthy score by any group in women’s  T20 cricket. The error occurred during the first of three bilateral T20I matches in the series.

Lucia Taylor (Argentina) - 169 against Chile

Deepika Rasangika (Bahrain) – 161* against Saudi Arabia

Coming in one down for Bahrain against Saudi Arabia in the GCC women’s Twenty20 Title Cup 2021-22 in Oman, Deepika Rasangika pounded an energetic 161 not out, bound with 31 fours, off only 66 balls. Strangely, she didn’t hit a solitary six in her innings. Bahrain dominated the game by 269 pursuits, limiting Saudi Arabia to 49/8 in every 20 overs.

Deepika Rasangik

Esha Oza (UAE): 158* against Bahrain

Scarcely days after Deepika Rasangika scored 161 not out for Bahrain against Saudi Arabia, the UAE’s Esha Oza took steps to break the record against Bahrain with an unbeaten 158. She hit 22 fours and six sixes off of 71 conveyances. Esha Oza’s thump helped UAE to 253/1 out of 20 overs before Bahrain was bowled out on 43.

Esha Oza (UAE): 158* against Bahrain

Maria Castineiras (Argentina): 155* against Chile

Only several days after Lucia Taylor’s record-breaking thump, her teammate Maria Castineiras verged on overturning the imprint. In the second T20I versus Chile, Castineiras hit 155 not out in only 77 conveyances but rather used up all available time. Argentina posted 333/1 in the match before packaging the guests out for only 22.

Lucia Taylor (Argentina) - 169 against Chile

Alyssa Healy (Australia): 148* against Sri Lanka

Alyssa Healy, from Australia, shook in T20 cricket. She’s the second-best at scoring big. In 2019, playing against Sri Lanka, she batted like a star. Opening for Australia, Healy crushed 148 runs in 61 balls. Wow! She hit seven sixes and 19 fours, leading Australia to a 132-run victory. What a game in Sydney. 

Alyssa Healy against Sri Lanka

Albertina Galan (Argentina): 145* against Chile

Albertina Galan was Lucia Taylor’s sidekick during her record-breaking innings on October 13. While Taylor struck 169 out of 84 balls, Galan remained unbeaten on 145 in the wake of playing a similar number of conveyances.

Albertina Galan (Argentina) against Chile

Rebecca Blake (Romania): 135* against Malta

Commander of the Romanian Cricket Crew, Rebecca Blake, opened the batting against Malta in the women’s Mainland Cup 2023 and remained on the wrinkle for the full 20 overs. She was the only member of her team to score double digits, scoring her century in 53 balls. Her blasting innings of 135 not-out comprised 24 fours. Romania piled up 197/4 and, in the end, beat Malta by 35 runs.

Rebecca Blake (Romania) against Malta

Meg Lanning (Australia): 133* against Britain

In the wake of losing Alyssa Healy early, Australia was in a spot of trouble against Britain in the main match of the T20 series in 2019. Chief Meg Lanning, nonetheless, protected Australia with an unbeaten 133 out of 63 balls. Her innings included 17 fours and seven sixes. In their 20 overs, Australia scored 226/3 and defeated England by 93 runs.

Meg Lanning (Australia) 133 against Britain

Hayley Matthews (West Indies) 132 against Australia

Pursuing 212 against the hosts at Sydney in the second T20I of their visit to Australia, West Indies women’s rode a hundred years by commander Hayley Matthews to journey to a seven-wicket triumph. Matthews’ 132 of 64 balls featured 20 fours and five sixes.

Hayley Matthews (West Indies) 132 against Australia

Fatuma Kibasu (Tanzania): 127* against Eswatini

Tanzania were playing Eswatini in the T20 World Cup qualifier in Africa. Fatuma Kibasu, coming in as an opener, scored an unbeaten 127 of every 66 balls, which included 19 fours. Kibasu’s thump moved Tanzania to 279/2 and assisted her group in beating Eswatini by 256 runs.

Fatuma Kibasu (Tanzania): 127* against Eswatini


What is the most elevated score in T20 cricket for the women’s group?

Argentina holds the record for the most noteworthy score in women’s T20Is with 427/1 against Chile in 2023.

How, in all actuality, do contributing conditions influence the Highest score in women’s T20 cricket?

Pitch conditions assume an urgent role in high-scoring matches. Batsmen frequently find it invaluable to bat on level and genuine surfaces, taking into account better stroke play.

Are there any mechanical devices used to follow scores in Women’s T20 Cricket?

During Women’s T20 Cricket matches, different mechanical devices, for example, Falcon Eye and ball-global positioning frameworks, are utilized to follow scores and give continuous experiences.

What is the most raised Highest score in women’s T20 cricket?

Kiwi cricketer Susie Bates is the top run-getter in women’s T20, scoring 3953 runs in 146 matches (143 innings) at a normal of 29.94. Suzy additionally hit the most 50s (26) in the configuration. Her batting details demonstrate how steady she is in this organization.


In the fabulous embroidery of Women’s T20 Cricket, high scores weave a story of greatness, assurance, and the determined quest for flawlessness. From individual brightness to group accomplishments, every high score plays a role throughout the entire existence of the game, molding its present and impacting its future.

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